The cause of death of director Jean-Marc Valle has been announced. The Quebecois was 58 years old and died of a heart attack.

Jean-Marc Valle Cause of Death

Full Name Jean-Marc Vallée OC OQ
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Film director, Actor, Film producer, Screenwriter
Cause of Death Intervention of another party, a voluntary act, or a known disease
Jean-Marc Valle Cause of Death

He was well known for his work on movies such as “Dallas Buyers Club,” “Big Little Lies,” and “Sharp Objects.” The director’s death was not the result of any homicide, suicide, or accident.

According to a statement released by Valle’s family to E! News, the actor’s death was not the result of any voluntary action, intervention, or known disease.

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The family of Jean-Marc Valle has released a statement to E! News confirming his death. The statement has not revealed the date and cause of death of the actor.

According to his representative, the cause of death was unknown. He died in a cabin outside of Quebec City. The filmmaker was a fitness fanatic and did not drink alcohol.

It is not yet known how he passed away, but his death is an enormous loss for his family.

The family representative of Jean-Marc Valle confirmed the news. In an interview, he said he suffered a heart attack.

Despite his recent health problems, the filmmaker’s death will be a great loss to the film industry. In 2021, the world will miss his work.

There are no other movies or TV shows in his name. The enduring legacy of his films will live on through his filming.

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