No, Jeffrey Epstein never married. Jeffrey did not have a wife. He never had a wife throughout his entire life.

Although very little is known about Jeffrey’s relationship history, he was only known to have had two girlfriends. They were Eva Andersson-Dubin and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Jeffrey and Eva were together in the 1980s. They were reported to have been in a relationship for about 11 years. However, the relationship ended and Eva married Glenn Dubin in the 1990s. They still maintained a friendship after that.

Ghislaine Maxwell was also a girlfriend of Jeffrey. They met in 1991. According to reports, most of Epstein’s household workers referred to Ghislaine as Maxwell’s main girlfriend. She was known to play a central role in Maxwell’s girl trafficking business.

Although he had long-term relationships with both girlfriends, he never married any of them. Jeffrey also never got engaged. He was always single. H also had other unnamed girlfriends aside from these two.


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