The late comedian and actor had a tragic death on New Year’s Day 2010. He was sixty-one years old, three days short of his 61st birthday.

Jim Hutton Cause of Death

Full NameJim Hutton
Cause Of DeathLiver cancer
Jim Hutton Cause of Death

Hutton’s death left an ill-timed legacy.

He was HIV positive for a decade but did not tell his partner, Mercury, until 1991.

The couple was married for seven years and had a daughter, Mary Austin.

While the two were not inseparable, they kept in touch, and eventually, they became lovers.

Freddie Mercury’s cause of death was not made public, but his partner, Jim Hutton, was. According to reports, Jim Hutton suffered from HIV and died of AIDS complications in 1991.

After Mercury’s death, Hutton continued to help Freddie with his personal life, working as his gardener.

Despite the rock and roll lifestyle, Jim Hutton opted to stay away from it and devote his time to his acting career.

Unfortunately, Jim was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of sixty-one.

The actor’s death came as a complete surprise to fans and the entertainment industry.

While he was working, the actor remained on hiatus and concentrated on outpatient therapy.

His next role was a guest star in a Norman Lear sitcom titled “One Day at a Time,” where he played Dr. Paul Curran, a forty-two-year-old who falls in love with Julie Cooper, played by Mackenzie Phillips.

While he was in the Army, Hutton pursued his acting interest.

A fellow soldier, Douglas Sirk, who had worked in the army, spotted his talent and recruited him to Hollywood.

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