Jimmy Hayes was an American professional ice hockey right winger who played for the Boston Bruins side.

Hayes died on August 23, 2021 (aged 31) due to acute intoxication.

Jimmy Hayes Cause Of Death

Full NameAugust 23, 2021 (aged 31)
OccupationIce Hockey Player
Cause Of DeathAcute Intoxication
Jimmy Hayes Cause Of Death

The official cause of Jimmy Hayes’ death was an accidental overdose of cocaine and fentanyl, his father and widow said on Tuesday. It’s unclear whether Hayes took the drugs separately or all at once, but it’s unclear why he would die after taking both.

Recreational drugs laced with fentanyl have killed dozens of Americans, including celebrities. The star was found dead in his Milton, Massachusetts, home on February 16. He was celebrating the second birthday of his son, Beau. He was also celebrating the birth of his daughter, Mac.

The former NHL player was found dead in his Milton, Massachusetts, home on Aug. 23. A toxicology report revealed that he had a history of drug addiction. After his death, he had just celebrated the second birthday of his son, Mac.

The cause of his death was revealed in a report published the next day. While the autopsy found no evidence of a homicide, Hayes’ wife, Kristen, said that she was shocked by the toxicology report.

Although there is still no official cause of death for Jimmy Hayes, there are some theories that suggest that he had a history of substance abuse. While it’s unclear if the drug abuse contributed to his death, the family of

Jimmy Hayes has been unable to reveal what caused the late musician’s sudden death. He had been married to his wife, Kirsten, since April 2019. He and Kirsten also shared their son, Beau, two months ago. After his death, the cause of death was still unknown, but a toxicology test was performed.

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