John Legend; “My Mental Health Got Better After Cutting Back On Social Media”

American singer and songwriter, John Legend has revealed that his mental health has gotten better after he cut back on social media.

In an interview with Yahoo Life, the musician revealed that he used to be a very active person on social media but has reduced that drastically. He revealed that he mostly does Instagram and a bit of TikTok which has helped improve his mental health a lot.

The “All of Me” hitmaker, added that he has completely stopped posting on Twitter/X because in his view the app has become a very toxic place.

John Legend went on to indicate that, it is not the case that he doesn’t undergo stress at all, because he isn’t a superhuman being but he is built to withstand it .

“It’s not because I’m some master meditator or something like that,” he adds. “I’m built this way. I’ve been like this my whole life and I’m probably more calm now just with experience.”, he said.

Apart from improving his mental health, John Legend also revealed that he is putting in deliberate efforts to maintain better health.