The cause of death for John Ritter is still under investigation, but one major factor in his unfortunate death may have been an undetected aortic dissection.

Aortic dissection is a weakened blood vessel wall that may rupture or leak.

When Ritter had a heart attack in 2003, his doctors told his wife he needed an angiogram to diagnose the cause of death.

However, the diagnosis was delayed until it was too late and he died as a result.

After the surgery, Ritter was moved to a bedside. As he lay dying, the doctor explained that his aorta was torn and his life had ended.

The doctors were shocked to tell Yasbeck and Nancy Ritter that their father had died.

At the time, the couple said goodbye and were saddened by the sudden death of their loved one. The aorta was the main artery that carries blood from the heart.

Aortic dissection was the cause of death for John Ritter.

During his auditions for the film 8 Simple Rules… For Dating My Teenage Daughter, he fell ill.

Although his aortic dissection was not discovered until later, Amy Yasbeck, his wife, decided to start a charity named after him in his name to educate others about the condition.

The foundation will also help those who have suffered from aortic dissection.

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