The sudden and unexpected death of 27-year-old British actor Joshua Hudnall is being questioned by many people.

The cause of his death is still unclear.

He was found dead in his truck on August 14, but the investigation has concluded that he passed away due to liver failure.

He was raised by his mother Stephanie, who was an accomplished manipulator.

Known to be a manipulator in public, she was quite different behind closed doors.

According to his biographers, the actor was suffering from liver failure when he died. He was a member of the United States Army.

He was a proud veteran, but his mother Stephanie Hudnall was an abusive alcoholic.

She had planned to kill her estranged husband William Arnold Hudnall with a pickax, and she was found guilty of second-degree murder.

After the filming of the movie Evil Lives Here, Joshua Hudnall’s mother was accused of manipulating her children and raising them.

The actress was convicted of second-degree murder.

He told investigators that his mother had made him promise that she would kill him for financial gain.

Despite his pleas to stop her behavior, she eventually killed her husband with a pickax.

In a tragic turn of events, his parents were estranged.

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