During his sentencing hearing, Jussie Smollett will learn if he will be sentenced to jail time. He has been convicted of five counts of felony disorderly conduct for his role on the hit Fox TV show Empire. Judge Linn rejected his motion to have the jury rule against him because he believes that Smollett got a fair trial.

How long will Jussie Smollett be in jail

During his trial, Smollett’s attorneys read letters from his supporters urging the judge to consider how the case will affect his career and avoid prison. Several of them addressed their concern that Smollett would not be safe in a prison environment and cited race, ethnicity, and family heritage as reasons for the sentence. The judge’s sentence will be served in Cook County Jail.

Judge Cindy Linn said Smollett’s “innocence” was unfounded and that the verdict was “disturbing.” Smollett’s attorneys said the sentence is not appropriate and he is entitled to appeal. Smollett’s attorneys called the sentence a ‘disappointment of justice.’ The family’s decrying the punishment is not surprising, but his sentence will definitely not be a reflection of his innocence.

What is the punishment for Jussie Smollett? He has been convicted of five felony charges for staging a hate crime. Although the crime is a ‘hate crime’, the actors have not been guilty of the crimes. The city of Chicago spent over $130,000 to investigate the incident. The prosecutor asked prosecutors to seek restitution from Smollett during the sentencing.

Smollett’s sentencing was expected to be lenient. The defendant’s criminal history is limited to the crime of staging a hate-crime. Smollett was convicted of five felony counts and faced up to three years in prison. The judge questioned Smollett’s morality by saying that his testimony was “pure perjury” and he was afraid for his safety.

The court will also consider the charges Smollett faced. He will face a minimum of 30 months in jail. His lawyer will be asking the judge to drop the charges. The judge’s decision could be a life sentence, or he may be released with a suspended sentence. Smollett’s attorney will argue for leniency. The lawyers of Smollett are fighting to get the case dismissed.

The judge will determine if Jussie Smollett will be sentenced to jail or to prison. The sentence he will receive will depend on the circumstances of his case. While the sentence was not predetermined, the sentence was still considered to be lenient. The jury’s verdict was unanimous. The judge’s sentencing is likely to be very strict. A life sentence is a good thing for any actor.

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