Kaitlan Collins:Biography , Age, Career, Married, Net-Worth

Born on April 7, 1992 In Alabama States in 1992, Kaitlan Collins is an American Journalist who works with CNN as its Whitehouse correspondent.

Kaitlan was born and raised in a family of four. Her parents’ names are not known publicly neither do we know much of her private family life.

Kaitlan Collins:Biography , Age, Career, Married, Net-Worth
Kaitlan Collins

However, she is known to be the eldest of her siblings, with a younger sister and two younger brothers too.

Kaitlan Collins career

Kaitlan Collins attended the University of Alabama for her Bachelor of Arts in journalism and political science degree.

She graduated in May 2014 and by June of the same year, she landed a job at The Daily Caller.

She joined the website as an entertainment reporter and in January 2017, she was promoted to the White House correspondent position.

With the new position, Kaitlan was able to cover the first few months of the Trump administration for The Daily Caller.

She left the Daily Caller to join CNN in 2017.

Kaitlan Collins as CNN Correspondent At Whitehouse

As a White House correspondent, Ms. Kaitlan Collins has experienced and been involved in some conflict with the administration of Former President Trump during or before press briefings.

For example, she was barred from one of the administration’s press conferences in July 2018, in the White House Rose Garden. Speaking about the issue, Kaitlan Collins said that the administration barred her from the briefing after she asked Mr. Trump about Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, and Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney.

Kaitlan Collins

In April 2020 during the peak of the Covid-19 White House press briefings when President Trump claimed that he has total authority as the President of the United States. She questioned him about his claim and as usual, the President did not have kind words for her.

In late April 2020, at yet another White House briefing still on the coronavirus pandemic state of the nation, Kaitlan was asked to move from a front row seat to a seat at the back of the room and swap with another journalist representing a different news outlet at the stated seat.

Kaitlan as well as the other reporter refused to comply with the White House official’s order.

Is Kaitlan Collins Married?

Kaitlan has remained very private with details of her personal life. There are no record if she is married.

However, it is rumored she is in a relationship with one Will Douglas. The two have been alleged to have begun their relationship in 2016

Kaitlan Collins Net Worth

As much of her life that is not part of the daily news and part of her personal business, Kaitlan’s salary and net worth is not in the public knowledge.

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