Kano State in Nigeria to ban Mannequin Heads on Islamic grounds because it’s Haram

Kano State is one of the 36 states of Nigeria, located in the northern region of the country. As of the most recent national census, Kano State is the most populous in Nigeria with a Muslim majority.

In a latest developments on Kano, The Islamic police force in Kano, a Muslim-majority state in Nigeria, has raised eyebrows after it ordered shops or boutique to only use headless mannequins to advertise clothing.

The directive suggest with the heads on the Mannequin, it constitutes to haram in Islam.

“Islam frowns on idolatry,” Haruna Ibn-Sina, the commander of the Sharia police known as the hisbah, told the BBC.

“With the head on it looks like a human being,” he added.

Mr Ibn-Sina also wants the headless mannequins covered at all times because to show “the shape of the breast, the shape of the bottom, is contrary to the teachings of Sharia [Islamic law]”.

Kano is one of 12 states in the Muslim-majority north that practise Islamic law. The legal system is supposed to apply only to Muslims.

But in reality, non-Muslims come under pressure to adhere to the hisbah’s rulings, including the ban on full-bodied mannequins.

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