Kat Timpf is an American libertarian columnist, television personality, reporter, and comedian. She has been a cast member on Fox News Channel’s Gutfeld! since 2015 and frequently appears on other Fox News shows.

Timpf was born on October 29. 1988 in Detroit where she grew up. Her birth name is Katherine Clare Timpf. There is not much information about her early childhood. She graduated Magna cum laude from Hillsdale College in 2010 with a degree in English.

Since the beginning of her career, Kat has appeared on several television and radio programs. She has worked for several agencies and institutions including the Leadership Institute’s CampusReform.org. She used to be the digital editor for The Washington Times. She was also the anchor for third Rock radio and a product and reporter for Total Traffic Network.

As a columnist, she has contributed to Orange County Register, Investors Business Daily, International  Business Times, and National Review Online, among others. She currently co-hosts Tyrus and Timpf podcast, She is also the host of Sincerely, Kat on Fox Nation.

Kat Timpf Parents

Kat Timpf’s mother is called Anne Marie Timpf. Her father is also known as Daniel Timpf.

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