James Cromwell is an actor and activist from the United States. Babe (1995), Star Trek: First Contact (1996), L.A. Confidential (1997), The Green Mile (1999), Space Cowboys (2000), Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002), The Queen (2006), Spider-Man 3 (2007), W. (2008), Secretariat (2010), Still Mine (2012), Big Hero 6 (2014), and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2014) are some of his best-known films (2018). Cromwell’s television credits include Angels in America (2003), Six Feet Under (2003–2005), American Horror Story: Asylum (2012–2013), Boardwalk Empire (2012–2013), Halt and Catch Fire (2015), The Young Pope (2016), Succession (2018–2021), and Counterpart (2018–2019).

Cromwell has been nominated for five Primetime Emmy Awards, four Screen Actors Guild Awards, and an Academy Award for Babe (1995). For his part in American Horror Story: Asylum (2012), he received a Primetime Emmy Award, and for his role in Still Mine, he received a Canadian Screen Award for Best Actor (2013). He plays John McWilliams, Julia Child’s father, in the HBO Max show Julia.

Cromwell was born in the Californian city of Los Angeles.

He was born to actress Kay Johnson (1904–1975) and actor and director John Cromwell (1886–1979), both of whom were blacklisted during McCarthy’s tenure. In 1946, his parents split. His ancestors are English, German, Irish, and Scottish.

He graduated from The Hill School in 1958[8], then attended Middlebury College and Carnegie Mellon University, where he majored in drama before dropping out.

He received his acting training at New York City’s HB Studio. He was drawn to the stage, like his parents, and has appeared in everything from Shakespeare to experimental pieces.

James Cromwell’s children

Kate Cromwell, Colin Cromwell, and John Cromwell are James Cromwell’s children.

Kate Cromwell is James Cromwell’s daughter. She is a creative, energetic, and ambitious person who appears to have achieved great success in both her personal and professional lives via her diligence, caution, and patience.

Kate has been an important part of James’s life, and she appears to look after her elderly father by providing psychological and physical assistance.

Kate also appears to support the cause that James has been working on for the most of his life. Her daughter’s support for animal rights and vegetarianism has aided his campaign.

Who is Ann Ulvestad, James Cromwell’s first wife?

In 1977, Cromwell married Ann Ulvestad. In 1986, they divorced. Kate, John, and Colin were the couple’s three children.

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