After allegedly shoving a Liberal volunteer at a party function controversial candidate Katherine Deves was attending at Forestville RSL, a 67-year-old man will face court on an assault charge next month.

The accused individual volunteered for an independent candidate in Mackellar but was later fired from his position.
Meanwhile, Ms Deves, who was chosen by Prime Minister Scott Morrison to run for the Warringah seat, has attempted to avoid the media since her remarks regarding the trans community provoked uproar.

Who is Katherine Deves?

Katherine Deves is a female politician from Australia.

Katherine Deves is known for her commitment to bolstering Warringah’s local community and giving citizens and businesses a voice in the government to get things done.

Katherine Deves is also a local lawyer and women’s champion, as well as the co-founder of the Save Women’s Sport lobbying group, which is led by a group of Liberal women.

Over the years, Katherine Deves has seen the difference that strong and local representation in government can make for local citizens.

Katherine Deves is vying for the Sydney seat of Warringah, which is currently held by an independent.

Katherine Deves was born on an unknown date.
She is, nevertheless, thought to have been born in the late 1970s.

Katherine Deves drew attention in April 2022 after she deleted tweets depicting transgender youngsters as “surgically disfigured and sterilized.”

Katherine Deves, on the other hand, has taken down her social media accounts after being approached about a series of transphobic comments, including one in which she said the LGBT flag would ‘trigger’ her.

Katherine Deves’s partner and is she having children?

Katherine Deves and David Deves are married and have three daughters together.
They call Manly Vale home.

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