Kyle Richards is known as an American television personality, actress, and philanthropist whose fame came up as a result of her repeated appearance in “Little House on the Prairie” and some other horror adventure films. Her career started as a child actress when she started getting movie roles.

Kyle has appeared in “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” since 2010 as the main actor and to date, she still remains the last original actor on the show.

She participated in The New Celebrity Apprentice “The Celebrity Apprentice 8” in 2017. She also served at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital Charity.

Her parents are Kathleen Marry Richards (mother) and Kenneth Edwin Richards (father).

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Who is Kyle Richards’s mom?

Kathleen Dugan Cause Of Death,

Kathleen Marry Richards also known as Kathleen Marry Dungan is the mother of Kyle Richards both on April 7th, 1938 in Ohama, Nebraska, United States of America

She got married to four different men namely Jack Catain, Kenneth Richards, Richard Fenton, and Lawrence Avenzino. Kathleen had three daughters to her credit; Kathy, Kim, and Kyle.

Kathleen Dugan cause of death

The late mother of Kyle Richards Kathleen Dugan was diagnosed with breast cancer but couldn’t hold up to the battle hence died in 2002.


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