Keche Andrew and Keche Joshua recounts how they each discovered their rap and singing abilities 

The powerful music duo, “ Keche” , made up of Joshua and Andrew have recounted how each of them discovered their unique abilities and decided to stick to it. 

During an interview with ace journalist, Jay Foley on 3 MusicTv, Keche Joshua talked about how he encountered popular music producer, “Posegee” for the first time.

According to Andrew, Joshua initially was a singer  but everything changed during the recording session of their hit song “ Pressure”.  

“ Joshua was in the booth recording his verse but kept on missing his keys. While I was singing in the background, Posegee heard me and liked it so he made me sing instead of rapping. That was how Joshua and I switched”.

This event they said made them to switch roles from singing to rapping respectively.

Watch video below;