Keir Starmer Beer reddit video: Last night, police announced that they will conduct a complete investigation into allegations that Keir Starmer violated lockdown regulations when he was seen drinking with party officials.

Durham Constabulary said it will accept a request from Tory MP Richard Holden for a re-examination of a contentious judgment that cleared Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Keir Starmer Beer video

Senior Conservatives demanded that the force undertake a complete inquiry into Sir Keir’s actions, claiming that there appeared to be no difference between the event he attended and Boris Johnson’s £50 punishment for throwing a ‘birthday party’ in No 10.

Sir Keir, according to Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries, is a “hypocrite” who should be held to the same standard as the Prime Minister.

Critics argue that Sir Keir can’t have it both ways, claiming he’s exempt because he was at a work meeting while also criticizing the Prime Minister for adopting the same excuse.

The Prime Minister has been penalized for one incident, making him the first person to hold the position of No. 10 to be convicted of a crime, and he is awaiting word on whether he will face more penalties.

Except that this was far from typical times, as England was still in lockdown when the meeting took place on April 30th of last year.

Indoor socializing was prohibited, and those who defied the restrictions risked being penalized by the authorities.

The Labour leader argues that he is untouchable because the gathering was a work meeting, and that those present simply took a break to eat a takeaway before returning to their duties.

Boris Johnson, on the other hand, cited the same reason for attending activities in Downing Street during the lockdown.

Boris Johnson was at his desk eating salad when Rishi Sunak entered the room, having been summoned to a vital discussion about Covid.

However, because a few Downing Street staff members also came in to wish the Prime Minister a happy birthday, both he and the Chancellor were fined for violating lockdown legislation that prohibited gatherings indoors at the time.

The celebration took place on the afternoon of June 19, 2020, the Prime Minister’s 56th birthday, in the odd setting of the No 10 Cabinet Room.

It is thought to have only lasted nine minutes.

Carrie Symonds, his then-fiancee, organized the spontaneous party, which took place just two months after he was released from intensive care after his near-death experience, and she attended with their newborn son, Wilf, in her arms. She has also received a monetary penalty.

Their interior designer Lulu Lytle, as well as top civil servant Simon Case, are thought to have been present because she was renovating the property above No 11 at the time.

Mr Johnson was first thought to have been given a Union Jack cake while aides sang him Happy Birthday.

However, it has subsequently been reported that the cake, which was purchased by a special consultant, was never taken out of its Tupperware box.

A few sausage rolls from Marks & Spencer, as well as a few cans of Estrella lager, were placed out on the Cabinet table, but it is understood that these were left untouched.

Mr Johnson was present ‘for less than ten minutes,’ according to Downing Street, where workers ‘gathered briefly’ to ‘wish the Prime Minister a happy birthday.’

So, what happened on April 30, 2021, at the Durham Miners Hall?

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