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Ken Ofori Atta flies to treat himself in a hospital in America, use the cathedral money to build hospitals; Twene Jonas speak

The rantings won’t stop, the Politicians won’t listen and the masses won’t stop watching Twene Jonas, the strong youth activist fighting for Ghana.

He has today advised the finance minister to the the needful and stop pleading with Ghanaians in doing the unthinkable. It must be noted that the finance minister at a point last year travelled to the united States to treat himself of Covid-19.

It wasn’t clear as to how he contracted the disease but it became evident that he was suffering due to complications of the disease and had to be flown outside.

Then again, the minister a few days ago entreated Ghanaians to contribute some amount of Money towards the construction of the national Cathedral.

This generated a heated argument between those in favor and against the construction of the cathedral. Fast forward Twene Jonas has lambasted the finance minister ken Ofori Atta.

He opined “your bad behavior must stop. You travelled here to treat yourself against covid-19 whiles there are hospitals in Ghana.

If you are wise, you would channel the resources that you are using to build the cathedral to build better hospitals. The white man is wise not like you.

What does the masses stand to gain from the construction of a Cathedral, he asked.

You can watch the video below


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