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Kevin Taylor throws support for Black Sherif says he Should stay true to himself and not forget his old friends now that Fame has come his way.

Host of With All Due Respect on Loud Silence Tv Kevin Taylor has reacted to what can only be described as the hottest song in Ghana right now “Second Sermon” by .

Speaking on his show With All Due Respect Extended Version which streams on Loud Silence Tv, Mr Taylor said Black Sherif music resonate well with people on the streets hence the reason for the music going viral.

In one end Kevin Taylor said, it speaks about life after death and how people should be mindful of their lives and in another end it speaks about how you just have to be tough on the street to make it.

He added his voice to the trend saying Black Sherif now that he’s enjoying fame should not overly rely on those in Accra and Kumasi who didn’t help him till they heard of him.

He should be with his “Ghetto” boys, those who believed in him when nobody did and stay true to him.

Since its release, the second Sermon by black Sherif has made over 2.2 million views on YouTube with the song becoming a street anthem in Ghana.

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