Who Is She, Khia? Why? The rapper from “My Neck, My Again” criticizes Beyonce’s Renaissance album. The latest album from Beyonce, Renaissance, was slammed by American rapper Khia in a protracted video tirade on August 4.

The video, which was initially released by Twitter user @itsKenBarbie, also shows the 45-year-old avatar trashing the singer’s music file. “[She] is trying to cast a spell on everyone in the world, including the kids, with this worn-out a** CD. You had access to over 100 writers, choices, and collaborations, yet all you could come up with was the devil’s music?

Even though the video was later removed from @itsKenBarbie, it must be noted that it is still accessible on other Twitter handles. Khia, a rapper, has a serious problem with Beyonce’s new album. Khia continues her rant by decrying the album’s crucial success as a “failure.”

The rapper then brought up the debatable subject of Milkshake, the kid of Kelis, having a “stolen pattern,” blasting the singer for using it in her most recent song, Power. She also accused the Shatter My Soul singer of “stealing” a pattern from him when speaking of her song The United States Has A Drawback, which samples Kilo Ali’s 1990 song Cocaine (The United States Has A Drawback).

Everyone has been a victim of the prior, filthy Creole hoe, Khia said in her video. Kelis was spotted on those streets hot and sweating after finding that she had been sampled at the file without her permission and that they had also stolen from her.

That doesn’t amaze or surprise us as a people at all. Be-Ho-CE lacks any genuine flair and has a history of deceit and thievery. most efficient Five days after its release, Beyonce’s new album has already generated a lot of discussion on a variety of subjects, including the use of “ableist slurs” and the use of multiple authors for a single tune.

This page contains the entire account of Khia’s brief musical occupation. Khia, who was born on November 8th, 1976, rose to fame in 2001 after releasing the song “My Neck, My Again.” The song was originally recorded in Florida and produced by Grimy Down Information. On the other hand, it was previously given a boost to fame with assistance from affiliated DJs and radio stations in Alabama, St. Louis, Georgia, and Kansas City.

The song was eventually picked up by Artemis Information, who assisted in its success across the country. It was believed that Khia’s career was over when her other songs had no impact by 2004 and her career ended. My Neck, My Again was interpolated into the track Gradual Movement by Juvenile and Soulja Narrow. The rapper was also included on Trick Daddy’s album, Thug Matrimony. Khia once received criticism on Twitter for criticizing Beyonce’s latest album.

The Twitter users were unsatisfied when Khia criticized Beyonce’s new album in a long rage video. Many fans concluded that Khia deliberately disparaged the celebrity’s most recent album because it featured the celebrity’s collaboration with TS Madison, who also happens to be her former buddy, and made fun of her for her own transient musical career. Khia only realized that TS Madison wouldn’t become an iconic figure. She used to be VERY inappropriate.

TS is a judge on Drag Race and has a song on Beyoncé’s album. Get that bag, TS! Khia talking about Beyoncé’s album’s failure. If Beyonce’s song is a devil worship song, what the fuck is my neck and again? Please, Khia, shut up. Beyonce won’t ever copy your style, woman. In addition, you don’t even own your own crap. It’s okay if some people don’t like Beyoncé’s album; nevertheless, Khia, could you kindly refrain? @MarshaBrown1995 While TS Madison is on track with Beyoncé, Khia is STILL sitting in front of the bookcase and hitting the gavel with her fucked up enamel! She should proceed and take notes.

Beyoncé’s # Renaissance has “flopped,” according to Khia. That is a lot to say coming from someone whose previous five albums were failures. @RicoDaGawd Once you realize that the individuals who are disparaging Beyoncé are primarily garnering attention as a result of their disparaging remarks, it becomes more practical to tune them out. From what deserted toll sales area did Khia escape from? Bryan is the best.

All six of Beyoncé’s solo albums have debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, and #RENAISSANCE will be her seventh. Khia has six studio albums to her credit. 40 had been produced using one. Others failed to chart. Bryan is the best. Beyoncé’s # Renaissance has “flopped,” according to Khia. Mr. André Darnell, that is a lot to say coming from someone whose previous five albums were flops.

A legend instantly emerges if they can beat Beyoncé. Khia and her van are legends in and of themselves. @theebobai Is Kelis currently a myth? Or do I not any longer see the need for consistency in legends? @Beyondslayy The album has previously been referred to as trash by Khia, who also called Beyoncé’s “sorry” video depressing and garbage. Fair enough, I’m trying to remember the last time Khia touched any kind of chart. @TheGamutt How could Khia possibly find the time to attack Beyonce’s critically acclaimed album when she hasn’t charted or produced anything else financially successful in more than 15 years?

She didn’t need to be in the video, but Janet managed to capture her on that TV screen. Beyonce’s latest album has received a lot of harsh feedback. The current album by the famous individual, Renaissance, has drawn criticism from more people than just Khia and Kelis. On August 2, Raymond Arroyo was asked to respond to the ongoing debate about Beyonce’s alleged use of an ableist slur in the song “Heated” by Brian Kilmeade, host of The Ingraham Attitude on Fox Information.

Arroyo claimed that the singer used a few slurs and “filthy phrases,” including “sp*zz,” and that she didn’t go “some distance enough with the clean-up and lyric amendment.” Internet users are enraged as Beyonce and Cardi B make their TikTok debuts, claiming that “she is actually the most efficient of the whole bunch.” J-hope of BTS issued a heartfelt letter to ARMYs in which he declared, “I’ve got the juvenile want to convert you to even cooler concerns.” In response, Kilmaede’s response was, “Beyonce has oldsters.”

In all honesty, she hasn’t been around much lately. She returns worse than ever, dancing around in only a bathing suit and publishing songs that may be classified as X. Beyonce has not responded to any of the media claims leveled against her, but I believe she should have.

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