Kidi Announces regular ticket price for fans who can’t afford his table prices

Lynx Entertainment signee, KiDi shocked Ghanaians when he announced ticket prices for an upcoming show he is staging.

Dubbed ‘Live with KiDi’ the musician is set to gather fans just like some other big acts have been doing but the prices for his show is what is raising eyebrows.

KiDi separated his tickets into 5 different categories naming them with one of his hit songs each. The highest table titled Touch it goes for a a ridiculous GHs 150,000 with people occupying this table having free access to 12 wristbands, 7 champagnes, and 1 Whisky, cognac, Vodka tequila mixers and water each.

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The second table also titled Spiritual is also available at Ghs 10,000 and boast of the same items provided in the first one but this time only 10 wristbands and 5 champagnes.

The table goes on with prices at Ghs 8,000, 5,000 and 3,000 which us the least amount you would have to cough out if you want to be Live with KiDi.

Just when the hand to mouth employees think they will not be able to join the Live with KiDi bus, the musician has come out with a whole new package for them which is a regular ticket going for a cool Ghs 100.

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Announcing this to his Twitter followers, KiDi insists no matter what happens there still will be a high level of jamming spirit that must be extended to the fans therefore the need to provide the 100 cedis space of regular ticket for them.

“Nti mo se 29th July, y3 kor gye y’ani with tables anaa regular tickets. Any way any how biaaaa y3b3 jame still. Nti wonni table sika aa, montor regular tickets for 100 Ghana. Because Golden Boy Jamming no dier 3b3 ba so live.” He wrote

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