Online, Kiefer Ravena’s name is growing in popularity as a result of his acquisition of the nickname “nth time cheater.” Issac Kiefer Crisologo Ravena, also known as Kiefer Ravena, is a professional basketball player from the Philippines who plays for Shiga Lakes in the Japanese Basketball League.

The team’s point guard, Ravena, began playing basketball in college for the UAAP’s Ateneo Blue Eagles.

The main topic of conversation in this piece at the moment is whether Kiefer Ravena has cheated once more. If so, then to whom? It needs to be made clear how frequently Ravena cheats.

Does he cheat? by Kiefer Ravena. The Filipino basketball player is the target of new accusations of cheating.

Kiefer Ravena, a notorious basketball player from the Philippines, is back in the news after being caught with a flight attendant. He was previously involved with Alyssa Valdez for six years.

Kiefer and Alyssa made their divorce public and insisted that no outside factors played a part in their decision to call time on their lengthy engagement. However, they mostly avoided discussing the circumstances of the divorce.

At around the time they announced their split in May, they also issued a message to put an end to other baseless rumors that were going around online.

And now, two months later, a lot of individuals have started posting negative things about the basketball player online. Why? The reason is his brand-new girlfriend.

Online users have been sharing pictures of Kiefer with Kholeen Ortiz, a new woman who is allegedly a flight attendant. Internet users claim that Kiefer committed another act of adultery, which started his relationship with Alyssa, given his history of infidelity.

Kholeen Ortiz’s Age Difference and Relationship Timeline

Kholeen Ortiz is a flight attendant who appears to be in her early 20s based on her photos. Kiefer is 28 years old, yet it seems like they are four or five years apart in age.

After divorcing Alyssa Valdez and earlier betraying Mika Reyes, online critics couldn’t help but direct their hatred at the basketball player when he was spotted with this new woman. They continued by saying that by distancing themselves from Ravena, the two women—Alyssa and Mika—were able to stay safe.

Kholeen and Kiefer are subjects of scant public knowledge. In addition to working with airlines, Kholeen is a social media influencer and has 21.9K Instagram followers.

In 21 posts, Ortiz mentioned Manila, Philippines, as her hometown. Despite this, she has kept her profile secret.

Has Kiefer Ravena ever been married?

Details About His Girlfriend And Photographs From The Wedding

According to the available data, Kiefer Ravena is not yet married. According to the gossip about him and Alyssa Valdez, they discussed getting hitched in May 2021. However, Kiefer went to Japan a month later, leaving the couple to continue their long-distance relationship.

Everything seemed to be going well up until January of this year. Nevertheless, the couple announced their separation in May.

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