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Kim Lenaghan was a Northern Irish freelance radio and television broadcaster, writer and critic who was based in Belfast and worked mainly in the fields of the visual and cinematic arts, music and cuisine culture. She was best known as the presenter of BBC Radio Ulster’s weekend mornings. She was born on December 24, 1960.

What Happened to Kim lenaghan?

The BBC Radio Ulster presenter Kim Lenaghan has died aged 61. The broadcaster had worked for BBC Northern Ireland for 25 years and most recently presented her own show on weekend mornings. The interim director of BBC Northern Ireland, Adam Smyth, said staff were “shocked and saddened” by the “death of our friend”.

What brought about Kim’s her death?

Kim had a health scare in 2019 and was admitted to hospital after tests revealed she had dangerously low levels of iron and needed immediate blood transfusions, and on September 2022, Kim passed away.

How old is Kim Lenaghan?

Kim was 61years before leaving the world.

Meet Kim’s Husband.

Andrew Jones: Husband to Kim Lenaghan. The couple was married from 2017 until the death of Kim. Less is known about Andrew.

Kim never had any children. She and her husband never birthed nor adopted any child.

Who are Kim’s Parents?

Val and Rex Lenaghan are the parents of Kim Lenaghan. There is no information about them.

Meet Kim’s siblings.

Kim Lenaghan has a younger sibling. She has a younger brother called Gareth Lenaghan.


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