Passengers stated that tensions had been building throughout the flight when one group made racial remarks about the other.

Two guys are dragged off the plane in a video made seconds before the incident, with the person recording claiming they are being thrown off for ‘racially harassing people.’

Klm flight brawl video

One of the males then turns to a passenger behind him, who is wearing a blue Stone Island sweatshirt, and calls him a ‘grass.’

A separate video shows the man in the jumper standing over the other passenger, punching him repeatedly.

Two additional males can be seen keeping the young man, who is thought to be in his twenties, down while the three others attack him.

As the horrific brawl continues, passengers can be heard yelling and saying, “behave, this is an aircraft,” “get down,” and “f***ing hell.”

The enraged man in blue, on the other hand, continues to punch the man who is still seated.

One of the passengers tries but fails to approach the man in the blue sweater.

He then continues to stomp on his victim on the floor in the main aisle many times.

The flight’s captain then appears and attempts to calm the situation by removing the younger male from the enraged group.

Another two males in the group, one in a grey sweater and the other in a black jacket, continue to punch the male who does not appear to be fighting back.

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