Crystal Teschendorf, Kristin Sensible’s former roommate, states that when she reported her lack of

Paul Flores, 45, and his father, Ruben, 81, were both charged with Sensible’s murder even though her body had not yet been found.

California’s Salinas is where Crystal is. The 19-year-old’s former dorm roommate, Calvin Teschendorf, testified throughout the homicide prosecution of the 19-year-old that the police initially disregarded her initial concerns about her fellow CalPoly scholar. According to her testimony on August 1, 2022, Teschendorf revealed that she called the police twice after Sensible failed to return to her hostel on May 24, 1996, two days after departing for a birthday celebration.

Teschendorf said in court that she called the police on Sunday, May 26, 1996, and once more on Tuesday, May 27, 1996, in accordance with assets. “We had outlined a number of reasons why she might no longer have gone back to the dorms.” “That used to seem a little strange to us,” she said.

The former roommate claimed that the police took her criticism seriously after she went to them again and a missing file was later filed. She continued by saying that she had been in a “wonderful mood” before breaking up contact with Sensible. On the other hand, Teschendorf recalled that things started to feel strange after she noticed that “Sensible’s keys and private possessions that she always took in every single place had been left inside the room.”

Despite the fact that she and the patient weren’t very close, the younger girl had a habit of telling her whenever she planned to spend the night somewhere else than the hostel, the witness insisted.

In 2002, sense was deemed useless. Even though her body has not yet been found, Paul Flores, 45, and his 81-year-old father, Ruben, were both charged with murder. According to the prosecution, Paul killed Sensible on May 25, 1996, while attempting to rape her in his dorm room at CalPoly. His father allegedly helped cover up the crime scene. As a result, both of the accused are currently in court.

In the interim, a page online established in Sensible’s memory also accuses campus police of conducting an inadequate inquiry. It claims that she was taken from the Cal Poly campus in San Luis Obispo at around two in the morning by a special student (suspect Paul Rueben Flores). The actions of Campus Police were wrong, and it took too long for them to inform the local police authorities.

The website keeps on going on by going into detail about the pain and struggle experienced by Sensible’s family. The statement reads, “There don’t seem to be enough words in the dictionary to sufficiently specify the pain of our loss and the everyday heartache we experience because Kristin and the proof are gone.” The main law enforcement agency should have offered Kristin considerably more than they did. Thankfully, Kristin now has the support of a motivated, caring, and committed law enforcement agency. It is difficult, frustrating, and never-ending to try to piece together evidence from 24 years ago while still following up on active current leads.

“We stayed up all night waiting for the day when we might bury her in front of our loved ones and everyone who fought for her. According to the website, by motivating other young women to work toward their goals, she will continue to have significance and a purpose even though she is silent.

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