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‘Lack of focus’ – Netizens reacts a story a Man who marries second wife with money given to him to take care of his 7 children

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Truly everyone has what matters to him or her but a man has reportedly gotten married to a new woman with the money meant for the upkeep of his wife and seven kids and social media users cannot keep cool over that.

A Twitter user narrated how the man was given money to take care of his 7 children, but instead used it to marry a second wife.

According to the Twitter account @purpleandflawed, the money was given to the man by the NGO her friend works with after it came to their notice that man was struggling to keep up with the upkeep of his children.

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She took to the microblogging platform to share the story.

She wrote; ”So Last month this NGO that my friend works with in Jos gave this Hausa man 100thousand to start a business and feed his 7 children better, they had gone back this afternoon to find out that Oga used the money to marry a second wife. I don’t know if one should laugh or cry.”

Followers have since been divided with their opinions with some even having doubt how authentic the story is.

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Some of the very few interesting comments are captured below.

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