Lady poisoned herself because of what people call her online

First of all, I want to say ‘suicide is never an option no matter the condition we find ourselves.’ Regardless of what you might feel, regardless of the challenges you face, suicide isn’t the next thing for you. And please, if you see somebody who seems sad, someone who’s joyful and happy but suddenly goes quiet and still, please speak to them.

Finally, please don’t bully anybody. Some people are physically strong and some mentally strong if you bully someone that’s mentally weak it may cause an everlasting damage to their lives.

There is something worrying and i think talking about it is good. Suicide is a calculated act that induces one’s own death. Mental and depressive conditions, psychotic disorders of the continuum of syndromes, disposition, anxiety, chronic disease of fatigue and substance addiction disorders.

This lady in question drank 2 bottles of snippers and she was rushed to the nearest medical centre to be treated correctly and a lot more, according to what i saw on the web, some hospitals have been reported to first reject her.

see what people are saying below:

If you don’t know what an sniper is, it will destroy or deter the pest by any fluid material, it is also used by farmers to deter and monitor plagues. Even though rats eat it very much, or the odour passively, rats like that could die, a girl drank two bottles, isn’t this hazardous?

She isn’t dead anyway, they hurried to a general hospital and stabilised her health but she’s still down in pain. Please put her in your prayers too.


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