Lady student, Olivia of a reputable University commits suicide over broken heart: leaves death note on campus

The one who broke your heart has no capacity to repair it. To avoid being hurt repeatedly, seek for answers within you. Analyze and address your personal role in your disappointments. No one can break your heart without your permission.

It’s easier to fix your choices than a broken heart. No matter how hard you try, the pieces of a broken heart never fit the way they did before. Even though you can heal, the scars of a broken heart hardly fade away. No matter how broken your heart may be, the world does not stop for your grief. Minimize the time you spend with those who hurt you.

A young undergraduate student of Library and Information Science (LIS) Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic Unwana, Ebonyi State, has reportedly committed suicide over broken heartedness.

The lady by name Olivia James, who combines her cake and small chops business with schooling, is said to have consumed sniper because her boyfriend abandoned her days after she commemorated her birthday.

She was hurried to the hospital but was declared dead on arrival, according to accounts shared online by her fellow students, Olivia James reportedly took her relationship with this lover guy, Henry very seriously.

It’s believed she even took to Facebook in July to update that she was in a relationship. However, their relationship was reportedly engulfed with infidelity. The lover girl reportedly caught Henry cheating multiple times but forgave him.

Upon her birthday celebration on October 6, it is alleged that she had a disagreement with Henry and he wasn’t answering her calls, instead, a woman was picking whenever she calls him.

Before taking her life, she left one of her friends a message to inform her of her intention but the friend wasn’t online at the time and when she finally saw the message and they rushed to Olivia’s apartment, she had allegedly already taken sniper. The fellow boyfriend student, Henry, is reportedly on the run.

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