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Lady Who Spent 15 Years To Acquire a Degree Finally A Graduate

A social media lady whose name is captured as Clara Carolina has shared her story of how she spent 15 years to land a degree which should have been landed in 4 years.

Clara who was is in high spirits as she has finally bagged her bachelor’s degree after spending over 15 years as an undergraduate in the university announced via her twitter handle how it all began.

According to the young lady, she gained in 2006, but due to her wild and unfocused ways in her younger years, she left school.

She admitted Her grades were terribly poor and and she lost sponsorship which made her drop out of school.

She was however grateful to all persons who supported her in her journey and wrote as follows;

Thank you all for all of your support and words of affirmation. I definitely took the long road to graduation, like so many of you, and I am truly better for it.

Life happens, years pass. Shoutout to us, the tenacious ones. Long story short…I was wild and distracted in my twenties. I flunked out a couple times and lost financial aid which made it difficult to get back to school. When I was able to get back into school, my gpa was a 1.5.

Her tweet is captured below.

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