On March 18, 2022, CBS46 broke the news of the catastrophe. Tori Cooper, one of their reporters, claimed she spoke with the girl’s mother, who confirmed that she had tragically died. She revealed, “I just spoke with LaKevia Jackson’s mother.” “She claims LaKevia went to her best friend’s birthday party at a bowling alley, where there was an argument over a bowling ball, and the suspect waited 20 minutes in the parking lot for LaKevia before shooting her as she was leaving.”

Lake via Jackson
Lakevia Jackson: Who is young Thug’s baby mama?. souyrce/twitter.com/

“I didn’t know that was going to be the last time I talked to my baby,” LaKevia’s mother, Sherina, told CBS.

“I could hear her scream and cry over the phone, and then her best friend claimed she wasn’t breathing! My baby was lost in a bowling ball.”

Young Thug has yet to make a statement on the loss.

Although no one has been arrested as a result of the horrific event, the Atlanta Police Department believes they are near.

“This is certainly an atrocity,” Atlanta Police Department Homicide Commander Lt. Ralph Woolfolk told the press.

He stated, “A young lady has lost her life over a bowling ball.”

“We talk about conflict resolution all the time, and this is an escalated issue, so we’ll work this case all night to discover the person who is responsible.”

“Since we know who you are, go ahead and surrender.”

Officers have obtained surveillance footage, ballistic evidence, and several cooperating witnesses since then.

Lake via Jackson
Lake via Jackson. soutrce/twitter.com/

When officers got on the site, they discovered LaKevia dead from multiple gunshot wounds, according to law enforcement sources.

Young Thug’s spokesperson told a WPLG reporter that the rapper is focusing on his grieving family and would not be performing.

Lake via Jackson was a well-known American person. Her connection with Young Thug, one of America’s most well-known rappers, was well-known.

Lake Vivia, who is rarely seen in the public with Young Thug, left her family, friends, and one son when she was a child.

The news of her death has shocked the whole hip-hop world, with many claiming that the act was horrific and that such crimes are becoming more regular in the United States.

Lake via Jackson Quick Facts

Full Real Name Lakevia Jackson

Nickname Lakevia

Popular for Her relationship with rapper Young Thug

Language English

School Name Local High School

University State University

Education Graduate

Profession Public Figure

Nationality American

Ethnicity Afro-American

Age (as of 2022) 31 years old

Zodiac Sign Not Known

Date of Birth In 1990

Place of Birth Atlanta

Net worth Not Known

Current Residence Atlanta

Lake via Jackson Biography

Lake via Jackson was born in Atlanta in 1990 and has lived there for the most of her life.

Her educational history is less well-known in the public because she was not available on social media prior to her death.

She did, however, meet her boyfriend Jeffery Lamar Williams (Young Thug) while they were both in high school in Atlanta.

Lake via Jackson
Lake via Jackson Biography. source/twitter.com/

Williams and she fall in love and decide to stay together.

Lakevia, on the other hand, appears to be a graduate lady who received her bachelor’s degree in 2012 from Atlanta’s greatest university.

Lakevia Jackson Height, Weight

Lakevia Jackson weighed 53 kg and stood at 5 feet 3 inches tall. She was a size 6 in shoes (US). 36-28-36 inches was her physical measurement. Her hair and eyes were both black.

Lakevia Jackson Family

Sherina Jackson, Lakevia’s mother, has come out in the aftermath of her daughter’s death.

Her daughter was out celebrating her best friend’s birthday when she got into a confrontation with an unknown man over a bowling ball, she told Atlanta reporter Tori Cooper.

Lake via Jackson
Lakevia Jackson Family. souurce/twitteer.com/

He’s the same person that murdered her daughter. Despite this, none of her other relatives, including her brothers, were interviewed by the media.

Tori Cooper’s mother, on the other hand, was crying in front of her daughter and offering her pictures.

Lakevia Jackson Professional Life

Lakevia’s identification as the mother of rapper Young Thug’s son was undiscovered outside of the United States until her death.

Lake via Jackson
Lakevia Jackson Professional Life. source/twitter.com/

Her mother was told that her daughter Lekevia Jackson was the mother of rapper Young Thug’s son after she died unexpectedly.

Young Thug is a well-known American rapper who has been active since 2010.

Lakevia Jackson Boyfriend, Dating

Jeffery Lamar Williams and Lakevia Jackson had a long-term romance (Young Thug).

She was in a relationship with Williams before he became famous, and they had a child together in 2007.

Mr. Williams, on the other hand, abandoned Lakevia Jackson and his kid after becoming famous and focused on his career.

Lake via Jackson
Lakevia Jackson Boyfriend, Dating. source/twitter.com/

He developed fresh relationships with a bevy of other women even after rising in his work.

To date, the rapper has acknowledged four distinct women with whom he has had relationships.

While living with four women, he had three boys and three daughters.

When Kyvion Jackson was diagnosed with Lakevia, he was only 17 years old.

For several years, Lakeiva had been living in a different apartment in Atlanta with her kid and mother.

Lakevia Jackson Net Worth

Lakevia’s net worth cannot be estimated because, as previously indicated, we lack information about her employment. Mr. Young Thug, Lakevia’s kid Kyvion Jackson’s father, has an estimated net worth of $8 million dollars.

Williams has made all of his money through hard work and dedication to his rapping profession.

He’s one of many Grammy-winning American rappers.

Source: Cbgist.com

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