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Laurel Coppock ‘Toyota Girl’ – Biography, Networth, Age, Career

On-screen celebrities are mainly discussed in terms of actors and actresses from movies and television shows. Commercial actors are rarely mentioned, despite the fact that they play a more important part in our lives than movie stars.

Commercials, let’s face it, can be tedious. Some performers, on the other hand, have mastered the skill of conveying information while still being entertaining in less than 30 seconds.

Laurel Coppock, better known as Toyota Jan, is one of those stars. Over the last decade, Laurel has been in many Toyota ads and is one of the most well-known commercial stars in the world. The focus of this essay will be on Laurel’s work and family.

Laurel Coppock’s Biography

Laurel Coppock 'Toyota Girl' - Biography, Networth, Age, Career

Laurel was born on August 22, 1970, in Massachusetts, and raised there. She went to Colby College in Maine and Square Acting Conservatory in New York City after graduating from Weston High School. Laurel also went to school in Amsterdam for a brief time before relocating to Los Angeles to seek acting possibilities.

Facts you didn’t know about the popular Toyota girl, Laurel Coppock

Toyota picked her for Jan’s role after interviewing 500 people.

How old is Laurel Coppock?

51 years old

What is Laurel Coppock Date of Birth?

August 22, 1970.

Where was Laurel Coppock born?


What is Laurel Coppock’s Horoscope:


What is Toyota Girl Full Name?

Laurel Coppock.

What is Laurel Coppock’s Occupation:

Actor, Director.

What is Laurel Coppock’s net worth?

this is generally unknown, but it is beleived she was compensated handsomely in her riole with toyota..

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