Lauren London to receive $5.6 million and half of Marathon Clothings on behalf of his son with late rapper Nipsey Hussle

America actress Lauren Nicole London is expected to receive a staggering sum of 5.6 million dollars and 50% percent ownership of Marathon Clothing Company

Lauren London has been ruled by the the court to be the guardian beneficiary of half of the Nipsey Hussle estate assets

The 38 years old actress was the girlfriend of the late rapper , Nipsey Hussle who died as a result of multiple bullet wounds from a shoot out in the United States

His death has been speculated by many as a result of Gang related activities

The two were a power couple until the untimely demise of Nipsey on March 31st in Lose Angelos, United States

Lauren is expected to receive the assets on behalf of the son he had with his ex partner Nipsey Hussle