Leslie Philips was an English actor, voice artist, and author.

Leslie Phillips was born on April 20, 1924, in Tottenham. He is the third child of Cecelia Margaret and Frederick Samuel Phillips.

Leslie made his stage debut in 1937. In 1938, he made his first film debut with a role in the musical comedy, Lassie from Lancashire.

Since his debut, Leslie was credited with over fifty films and television roles. He also voiced several movie characters, notably Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter films.

On November 7, 2022, Leslie was reported dead at age 98. He died at this home in London.

Leslie Philips Children

Leslie Philips had five children from his three marriages. He had four children from his first marriage to Penelope Bartley. His fifth child is not biologically his.

Leslie’s children are Claudia Phillips, Caroline Phillips, Andrew Phillips, Roger Phillips, and Daniel Phillips.

Daniel Philips is not the biological son of Leslie Philips. At the time Leslie began his relationshipp with his second wife Angela, she was pregnant by another actor. He raised her son as his own.


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