At an event organized by Australia’s anti-lockdown movement, the Liberal Party candidate for the Sydney seat of Bennelong featured in a video denouncing vaccination requirements and recognizing there may be issues about the safety of mRNA vaccines.

Liberal candidate for Bennelong Simon Kennedy Wikipedia, age

Bennelong’s Liberal Candidate is Simon Kennedy.

Simon has always championed our community, from his time as School Captain at Epping Boys High School to his current position on the Ryde City Youth Council.

Simon began his career working the Epping Coles check-out lines and as a furniture removalist for Epping Removals after being raised by a single mother who instilled in him the value of hard work.

Simon’s employment carried him all over the world after university, advising governments on how to draft and implement policies that helped small businesses prosper and generate jobs.

He met his wife Nila while working in the United States, and the pair returned home to provide their two young children with the same upbringing and possibilities that he enjoyed.

Simon thinks Australia is at its best when it comes to providing possibilities for hardworking families, small business owners, and retirees.

Simon will strive to ensure our economic recovery from the COVID pandemic, as well as the infrastructure needed to keep up with our rising community requirements, such as enhancements to local roads so we can spend less time stuck in traffic and more time with our families, as your strong voice in Canberra.

Simon will work hard as part of the Morrison Liberal team to achieve a strong economy and a brighter future.

His age is not known at the moment.

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