Édith Piaf was a French singer who was renowned as the country’s national chanteuse and one of the country’s most well-known international singers.

Piaf specialized in chanson réaliste and torch ballads about love, grief, and suffering, and her music was often autobiographical. “La Vie en Rose” (1946), “Non, moi ne regrette rien” (1960), “Hymne à l’amour” (1949), “Milord” (1959), “La Foule” (1957), “L’Accordéoniste” (1940), and “Padam, padam…” are some of her best-known songs (1951).

Several biographies and films have been written about her life since her death in 1963, notably 2007’s La Vie en Rose. Piaf has become one of the most well-known artists of the twentieth century.

Meet Édith Piaf’s parents

Line Marsa and Louis-Alphonse Gassion are known worldwide as Édith Piaf’s parents. Much is not known about them.

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