List of South Africa’s millionaires

South Africa’s dollar millionaires number more than a 200

This is a list of the top 20 their businesses a and their corresponding net worth .

1. Stephen Saad

Saad is the chief executive and founder of Aspen Pharmacare. Famous for being the largest producer of generic in Africa . Stephen has a net worth of 950 million dollars.

2. Allan WB Gray

Allan Grtay is the founder of Allan Gray Investment Management. He has accumulated a net worth of 930 million dollars

3. Christoffel Wiesel

He owns the largest shares of the biggest retail store and the chain of Shoprite supermarket. Chris is also a chairman and shareholder in Pepkor. Christoffel Wiese has a net worth of 900 million dollars.

4. Desmond Sacco

Desmond Sacco is a South African businessman who serves as Chairman and Managing Director of Assore Limited, a mining company in the country

He’s worth $900m .

5. Douw Gerbrand Steyn

Douw Steyn is into insurance and finance. He has Companies in the UK and US

His estimated net worth is $880 m

6.Jannie Mouton

He invests in private equities, financial services, education and agriculture.

He’s estimated to have $800m

7. Laurie Dippenaar

He’s a chartered accountant, businessman, banker, and investor. Laurie is also co-founder of FirstRand Limited, one of the high street banks in SA. He has a net worth of $700 m

8. Mark Shuttleworth

Mark is the CEO of Canonical, the company behind the development of the Linux-based Ubuntu operating system.

He’s worth $550m

9. Cyril Ramaphosa

Cyril is a lawyer, entrepreneur, trade unionist and a politician

The south African president is estimated worth is in excess of $450m

10. Gerrit Thomas Ferriera

Co founder of Firstrand bank and Chairman of RMI holding. The banker is worth $510million

11. Raymond Ackerman

The owner of “Pick and Pay” super market Raymond Ackerman is a business mogul .

He’s worth $500m

12. Adrian Gore

He is the founder and group chief executive of Discovery Limited.. His net worth is $480m

13 .Gus Attridge

He is the deputy CEO of Aspen Pharmacare and also the co founder of the company .

He’s worth $410m .

14. Marcus Jooste

Mr Jooste is a business man and heavily invests into agriculture. His net worth is $400m

15.Wendy Appelbaum

She assumed the directorship role of her father’s insurance and real estate firm, Liberty Investors

Her estimated worth is $390m

16. Wendy Ackerman

The wife of co millionaire Raymond Ackerman , she’s an executive member of Pick and Pay , a worldwide retail company

She’s worth $370 m

17. Giovanni Ravazzotti

Giovanni Ravazzotti is chairman of Italtile of South Africa, the ceramics company he founded and manages .. Giovanni is worth $330m

18.Paul Harris

Paul is a banker and a business man who invests in the hospitality sector

He’s worth $200 m

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19.Irene Charnley

She’s the CEO of Smiles Telecom Holding Limited and a former rop member of MTN

Irene is worth $150m

20. Bridget Radebe

She owns a mining company which specializes in gold and chrome and platinum. Bridget is worth $100m


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