Death row, also known as condemned row, is a section of a jail where inmates who have been convicted of a serious offense and sentenced to death await execution.

Even in nations where there is no distinct facility or separate section for condemned criminals, the word is used symbolically to denote the situation of awaiting execution (“being on death row”).

In the United Jurisdictions, a judge will give the jury the option of imposing a death sentence or life imprisonment without the possibility of parole if a person is found guilty of a capital offense in states where execution is a legal penalty.

It is then up to a jury to decide whether or not to impose the death penalty; this decision must usually be unanimous. If the jury decides on death, the defendant will remain on death row for the duration of the appeal and habeas corpus process, which might take decades.

List of women on death row in Texas (2022)

  • Lucio Melissa
  • Cargill Kimberly
  • Routier Darlie
  • Holberg Brittany
  • Carty Linda
  • Sheppard Erica
List of women on death row in Texas (2022)

How many females are on death row in Texas?

Seven females are on death row in Texas.

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