“Love In The Middle East”- US Military Woman Narrates How She Found Love In An 8 Year Younger Colleague On Mission

An American military woman has narrated how she found love in a younger soldier and eventually ended up marrying.

According to the female soldier, she had mixed feelings when she was deployed to the Middle East because she didn’t know what to expect.

When she got there, she had a really rough start. However, things began to pick up when she and one of her male co-workers started becoming close.

She narrates that, they both spent a lot of time together during and after work.

But as their bond grew, she found out she was 8 years older than her male coworker and began to have some reservations.

This was because, she had promised herself that, she was only going to date men who were older than her, going forward.

But then, the power of love set in and she fell for him occasionally, forgetting she was older than him.

According to the military lady, her young friend asked her to be his girlfriend on December 12, 2020, and she gladly accepted.

They became closer to each other and did everything together, including riding on the bus to work, going to church, and sports activities.

Unfortunately, that had to come to an end because it was time for her to leave as she was done serving her time. This made both of them sad.

The lady said she thought about him every single time and was looking forward to his return.

But as fate will have it, a few days after the lady’s departure, the guy was also done with his service and returned to the USA.

On 21st February 2021, the gentleman flew to the lady’s state with the help of her friends to surprise her and propose to her.

Couple celebrate one year of being together. Credit: TikTok/@allthingsgifty

She accepted with an easy yes and they went straight into planning their wedding.

On 7th August 2021, they had their wedding and became a legal couple.

They found out on 21st December 2021 that the lady was pregnant as they celebrated their one-year anniversary of being together and on August 12, 2022, they gave birth to a pretty baby girl.

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