Luca Bish is a fisherman and a reality show star. He became famous after he appeared on season 8 of Love Island in 2022.

Who Is Luca Bish?

lucaBish was born in 1999. His exact date of birth is unavailable. Luka is from Brighton.

There is no information on his parents. He is however believed to have a sister.

In terms of education,  he graduated from The University of Sussex.

How Old Is Luca Bish?

Luca Bish is 23 years old. His  actual date of birth is unknown but he was born in 1999.

Who Is Luca Bish’s Girlfriend?

Luca is currently sing. he is used to be in  a relationship with Saffron Baker.


Luca Bish is a fisherman.

According to his lInkedIn profile, the 23 year old ha a Master degree in Sishing and Sisheries science and Management.

Luca Bish’s Net Worth

Luca Bish is believed to be worth $192 thousand. His net worth is still being reviewed.

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