Luke Perry was an American actor who starred in a lot of movies.

Luke Perry Cause of Death

Luke Perry Cause of Death

A funeral certificate obtained by TMZ has revealed the cause of death for actor Luke Perry. The actor was found dead in Dixon, Tennessee on March 4. According to his cause of death, the actor had suffered from a stroke.

His fiance was listed as a health care directive and his fiance’s mother is his stepfather. The cause of his death remains unknown. The funeral of the star is slated for April 7. However, a memorial service is planned for Perry’s family.

The cause of the death of Luke Perry has been confirmed as an ischemic cerebrovascular accident. Though the death certificate did not list the underlying causes of the illness, it is a stroke, which occurs when a blood clot blocks a blood vessel.

The clot blocks the blood flow to the brain, with dire consequences. Although the exact cause of death is not yet known, officials said that the actor had a massive stroke a day before his death.

The actor’s cause of death is still unknown. An autopsy conducted by the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health has confirmed that the singer suffered from a “massive stroke” five days before he passed away.

It is believed that the musician suffered a heart attack or a stroke before he died. The death certificate has not been released yet. But a memorial service will soon be held for Perry.

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