Lydia Forson Defends Efia Odo against Bullies.

Lydia Forson has shared a couple of tweet to show support to Efia Odo who has come under attack for supporting Fix The Country.

Efia Odo announced her decision to stay away from social media and backed down on Fix The Country because her mental health is important to her.

Miss Odo has recounted how she has been bullied and vilified on social media for simply asking for Ghana to be better for all.

It will be recall how Abronye DC of the ruling NPP took turn to verbally denigrate Efia Odo with unprintable words.

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Efia Odo who could not take any of these trolls and abuse no more said she was going on sabbatical from social media.

Her last appearance in court on issues of Fix the Country had her with others arrested and detained.

In all of these, Lydia Forson who herself has not had it easy with her criticism toward the NPP government on social media said backing down in the face of threat does not mean one is weak and went on to applaude Efia Odo for taking a break to focus on her mental health.

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Lydia Forson has since shared multiple tweet detailing how important protest among other dialogues of National interest is to the progress of every country.

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