It’s hard to know what to think about Ma Rainey’s death.

The blues singer and songwriter had a net worth of $5 million when she died in 1960.

In addition to her fine salary in the millions, her singing career was her major source of income. She established herself as one of the most fashionable singers in the industry.

But what really made her so unique? Read on to discover the cause of death of this influential icon.

The cause of death of Ma Rainey was unknown. There are no specific records of the illness, but the underlying condition was heart failure.

She began her singing career at the Springer Opera House in Columbus, Georgia, but eventually moved to Chicago to record with the Paramount label.

Although she didn’t have a hit record, she continued to tour and perform for private events.

After the deaths of her mother and sister, Rainey returned to Columbus, Georgia, where she continued to perform and owned two theaters. She was also a prominent member of the Friendship Baptist Church.

Her career began in Chicago and she recorded several albums for Paramount, but lost her contract due to her blues style being out of vogue.

After her death, she continued to perform, but only at private events.

After the deaths of her mother and sister, she returned to Columbus.

She was active in the local community and owned two theaters.

Ultimately, she died of heart disease at age 53.

Until the present, the cause of death of Ma Rainey remains unclear.

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