MAdisonLewis a content creator and TikToker. She is mostly referred to by the internet world as Mads Lewis. Mads has over 12 million fans on TikTok.

She is no longer doing content on YouTube. Madison has an active Instagram account where she mostly uploads updates on her day-to-day life activities.

Find out more about her age, family, relationship[, net worth, and career in this article.

Who Is Madison Lewis?

Madison was born on December 24, 2002, in Arizona. She is one of the triplets born t her parents.

Not much information is known about her childhood and early life.

Madison Lewis Age

Madison is 19 years old. She was born on December 24, 2002.

Madison Lewis Parents

Steve and Tiffany Lewis are the parents of Madison Lewis.

Madison Lewis Triplets

Madison was born triplets. She has a sister and a brother. Her sister is called Riley while her brother goes by Dakota Lewis.

Madison Lewis Height

Madison Lewis is 5ft 3in (1.6 m) tall.

Madison Lewis Boyfriend

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Madison is currently in a relationship with Kevin Meija. They began dating in 2022.

Madison has previously been in relationships with Jaden Hossler, Charles Gitnic, and Christian Plourde.


Madison is a social media influencer and content creator. She is also an actress and internet personality. Her content is mostly posted on TikTok. She is mostly posting lip-syncs and viral dance videos.

Before TikTok, Lewis used to post her content on

As an actress, Madison has played roles in several movies. According to her IMDb profile, Madison Lewis is known for Alexander IRL (2017), Zombies 2: The Collab (2020) and Chicken Girls: College Years (2022).

Madison Lewis’s Net Worth

Madison Lewis has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Instagram and TikTok

Mads Lewis is on Instagram at @madslewis. Her TikTok username @mads.yo.

Madison Lewis Tatto

Madison has multiple tattoos o her body.

She has one on her back, her right shoulder blade, one above her left elbow, and another one on her right arm. She also has a tattoo on her hand. Some of her tattoos are drawing while others are inscriptions.


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