Makhadzi Under Fire Over Alleged Harrassment.

Netizens reacts after news about DJ Dimplez alleged rape case in the hands of a 21-year-old lady who now claims to be pregnant for the DJ.

The case has sparked lots of controversies on Twitter. People who are not pleased by the young woman’s actions have been voicing their opinions about the matter, condemning the woman’s actions.

However, others have noticed that some Tweeps who are known to be very vocal about sexual assaults are involved.

In a video that just popped up on social media, Makhadzi was performing in which she is seen inappropriately touching and fondling one of her male audience member’s nether regions.

The same video clip went viral on social media in November 2020, and just like with recent events, the singer was dragged and accused of sexually assaulting her fan.

It was then expected of the musician or her management to address the public on the matter, since there is high rate of rape and sexual assault cases in the country, but they had remained silent about it till now.

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