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Man Blames Prez. Akufo Addo after he bought this fish at 17 cedis

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A twitter user has apportioned blames to President Akufo Addo and his Government for a fish he bought at 17 cedis.

In a twitter post he captioned the salmon “Fresh salmon o Ghc17 Smh Ei Nana Addo and his Npp government”

Sections of Ghana have for sometime now complain about the skyrocketing standards of living across the country.

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From the always increment of fuel to taxes among others.

Days ago, transportation fare was increased by some 13%, something many said will worsen their plight.

In some other story, the Supreme Court today quashed an earlier judgment by a high court which restricted “Fix The Country” Movement Folks from demonstrating.

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One of the conveyor shared the story which has gone viral on his Facebook account.

It is however unclear what the organizers will schedule for the demonstration to happen now that the road seem cleared.

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