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Man who misplace his Boss’ Ghs 10,000 vows to chew kebab with his last money before heading into Prison

A gentleman has found himself in deep trouble when his employer sent him to get some cash from the bank.

Narrating the sad incident that happened to him, he went to an unnamed bank to withdraw an amount of Ghs Ten thousand on the instruction of his employer.

However the unfortunate happened just when he stepped out if the banking hall as the bulk money he just recieved was stolen.

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You may think this is a normal incident that has been happening to a lot if people but what exactly is scaring the gentlemen here is that his boss is not one that forgives you even when you misplaced only Ghs 1 that belongs to the company.

Per this logic it is a sure police case for him since the amount is very huge. The comic moment of his narration arrived when he claimed it was left with some money on him which he decided to use for kebabs.

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According to him, his love for kebab is something else and knowing very well he is about to be put behind bars, there is no way he will go without chewing his favorite thing.

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