Anthony Mark During the tour of ‘Pa’ ahi voy’ in Panama City, he was involved in an accident. The mishap occurred on the night of Wednesday, May 4, according to The Fat and the Skinny and Panamanian media such as Telemetro.

Marc Anthony accidente panama (video)

The musician landed in the city to make up for a previously canceled event. The recital was originally set for February 23, but was delayed for May 4 because to an increase in covid-19 infections around those dates.

According to The fat and the skinny’s Instagram account, the singer was involved in an accident “in the dressing rooms” and had to be treated by medical staff.

According to information presented on the morning of Thursday, May 5, on Wake Up America, the tragedy occurred on some steps, and the singer suffered “back difficulties.”

Marc Anthony accidente panama (video)

The interpreter “is being moved to Miami,” according to Univision in the morning. “All the medical personnel in Panama who instantly scheduled an appointment” to attend to him, according to the office that represents him.

According to Telemetro, the issue was relayed over the loudspeakers to the crowd at the Rommel Fernández Stadium.

They were told that “Marc Anthony’s illness prevented him from appearing,” and that they should keep their tickets since the show will be rescheduled.

According to accounts, numerous supporters expressed their displeasure and dissatisfaction at not seeing the salsero for the second time this year.

The circumstances surrounding what transpired are unknown, as is the artist’s current condition.

Until this morning, Thursday, May 5, the artist had not mentioned anything on his social media accounts.

Marc Anthony will travel to Panama with his girlfriend.

In fact, the model posted a panoramic shot of Panama City on her Instagram account just hours before the concert.

She had also waited until Thursday morning to post anything about her boyfriend’s health on social media.

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