Marc Schauer: biography, net worth, marriage & son

American actress, Laura Linney has an unquestionable lifestyle of being popular as she’s known to have one of the generational celebrities whose presence has been felt over the past decades, she’s got several awards to her credit including Tony and Emmy awards but her husband, Marc Schauer doesn’t have a glamour life like the actress.

Marc Schauer is in the real estate industry and despite it having some features to boast about it can’t be compared to the work of Laura Linney and in this article, we’re going to walk you through the life of Marc Schauer whose popularity is being lived through her wife.

Marc Schauer Biography

Marc Schauer

He’s mostly classified as the most admired spouse in Hollywood since he settled down with his wife. Marc Schauer was born in Telluride, Colorado USA on 5th April 1960. There’s not much information regarding his parents, siblings however he and his family migrated to New York when he was younger

When they relocated, he lived his life just like every American child and attended high school but halted his education journey in front of college education then decided to pursue a career in the real estate world.

She became a real estate magnate despite facing challenges for not having a college degree but he persevered to build a successful career for himself and is now married to the multiple award-winning actress, Laura Leggett Linney.

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Marc Schauer and Laura Linney

Marc Schauer

The real estate Mogul and the actress met during Telluride Festival in Colorado and Marc Schauer was at that time assigned to give Laura Linney a helping hand to look for an event but despite the actress being older than Marc they got closer which led to him proposing in 2007 and ended up as a married couple in 2009

Laura Linney is a successful actress and singer with two Golden Globe Awards and four Primetime Emmy Awards. The couple is having a child known as Bennett Armistead Schauer born on January 28, 2014

Marc Schauer Net worth

The net worth of Marc Schauer is estimated to be $1 million earned through his successful career in real estate but the wife, Laura Linney has built a multimillion-dollar career as a Hollywood actress and singer with an income stream estimated to be 15 million


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