Marcus Rashford sends an Emotional Message to Manchester United fans as he is set to miss major part of the upcoming season due to an urgent surgery he has to undergo

Marcus Rashford is likely to miss the first part of the upcoming season for Manchester United due to a shoulder surgery he has to undergo.

The 23 year old has thus taken to social media to express his gratitude to the Manchester United team, his family and supporters of the club for their love all these years.

But even before that, his club Manchester United released a statement saying it has become urgent for Rashford to undergo the surgery because he has been playing major part of last season with the shoulder injury.

Rashford in his post on social media maintained that some critics have said he should have excused himself from the English national team for the euro to undergo the surgery but maintained that, a call to National duty cannot be turned down and most importantly he didn’t know he was not going to play enough game for the England national but as young as he is he has given his all on and off the pitch for club and country.

His post read as such;

When I was 11 years old Manchester United helped me and my family out of a really difficult situation. I will always feel indebted. When the club needs me, I’ll be there. Any role I can play in helping my boyhood club I’m going to do it. Even to my detriment at times. Having been out of the game recovering from the double stress fracture, and having spent a lot of time away from teammates and staff who’d been a part of my life for as long as I could remember, I needed to feel a part of something again. I needed to feel like I was playing my part. I’ve read some call me selfish for holding off getting the surgery this season but it was never about putting myself first and that’s how we’ve reached this point, and something as a 23 year old I’ve had to learn the hard way. To guarantee I can play this game as long as possible I need to listen to my body. Everyone has an opinion but no one knows my body better than me. It’s hard to describe the feeling of representing your country. Given the choice no one would ever turn that down at such a big tournament. As a little boy or girl you dream of those moments. I had been deemed fit for the full season, and given my injuries were being managed, what was another couple of weeks? Managing the pain I was training well and found a lot of comfort in the England camp after the Europa League final. On hindsight, if I had of known I wouldn’t have played a significant role in the Euros, would I have gone? Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it…
I didn’t want to let anyone down but ultimately looking at some of my performances towards the end of last season I felt like I was. When I step on the pitch I always give 100%. Physically my 100% just wasn’t possible. I’m walking away from last season with 36 goal contributions, but more importantly I’m walking away with lessons learnt. We live and we learn as they say but what is never in doubt is my commitment to the club and the national team. It’s been a hard one but I’m coming back physically and mentally stronger. Thank you for all of the kind messages.

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