Marge Cooney net worth, biography, obituary of Phil Donahue’s first wife

Marge Cooney who was also known as Margaret Cooney isn’t known in the entertainment industry but her link to media personality, Phil John Donahue as his first wife has made her relevant in the world of entertainment. American popular film producer, media personality, writer, and creator cum host of The Phil Donahue Show is practically an asset to the United States as his how was run for about 29 years on national television hence he’s one of the most celebrated personalities in the entertainment and media landscape.

The relationship between Marge Cooney and Phil John Donahue has made it paramount to throw light on her as the first wife of the media personality and in this article, we’re going to know everything including the life of Marge Cooney.

Marge Cooney biography

Marge Cooney

Marge Cooney was born in West Orange, New Jersey, and had lived in Chatham, NJ, and Boca Raton l, FL for over 30 years she’s an American Nationality however not much information is available so her place of birth and parents are unknown. Marge Cooney was also a resident of Sea Girt for 57.

She became popular after settling down with Phil Donahue as a married couple on February 1st, 1958 and the two were blessed with five children.

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What is Marge Cooney Age?

The first wife of Phil Donahue, Marge Cooney was 82 years when she died in 2018 and since she wasn’t a familiar face in the entertainment industry.

Marge Cooney and Phil Donahue

Marge Cooney

The two kickstarted dating during their days in college as the duo were lovers after meeting each other for the first time at Notre Dame where at that time Marge Cooney was a student of Marquette University then they started having quality time together as lovers after the media personality won her over.

After Marge Cooney graduated in 1957, the two got engaged and in February 1958 they tied the knot in a private ceremony with only family, close friends, and relatives as the attendees.

The union between Marge Cooney and Phil Donahue bears the fruit of five children with four sons namely, Kelvin, Daniel, Michael, James, and Mary Rose Donahue as their only daughter.

Marge Cooney and Phil Donahue Divorce

Marge Cooney

The duo spent a delightful moment during their union however it turn out not to be a happy one as years went by hence in 1973, the couple decided to go their separate ways which made Marge Cooney move back to her hometown, Albuquerque including two of her kids as they rented an apartment there and the remaining of the children was left with Phil Donahue.

As they parted ways for 10 months, they decided to get back for the sake of their children but things didn’t go smoothly as planned hence after four months following the reconciliation their relationship hit the rock. Phil Donahue however moved on to marry American actress, Marlo Thomas on 21st May 1980.

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Marge Cooney Obituary

Marge Cooney

After divorcing the famous television show host, she moved back to her hometown Albuquerque but she’s currently not alive as she died on February 2nd, 2018 at Brandywine Wall

Marge Cooney Net Worth

Since Marge Cooney wasn’t familiar with the world of entertainment her net worth is not public however she earned about $15,000 annually following her divorce from the famous television host meanwhile doctor Phil Donahue’s net worth is estimated to be $150 million.


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