Florin Stoian, better known by his stage name Florin Salam, is a Roma manele singer who was born on October 1, 1979.

Meet Florin Salam’s parents

Maria Stoian and Robert Stoian are known for being the parents of Florin Salam.

Salam was born into a gypsy household.

He sung with his father and uncle’s ensembles during his adolescence.

Salam took his father’s place when he became too elderly to sing, singing with his uncle under the name Florin Fermecătoru’. As a result, he became a popular singer among aficionados of the genre. Salam made friends with bandleader Dan Bursuc in the meantime.

In 2002, he assisted Salam in recording his first single, “Ce gagică șmecherită” (English: Such a finicky chick). When Adrian Minune and Costi Ioniță’s breakthrough song “Of, viața mea” (English: Oh, my life) was released in 2000, he played a key role. Salam changed his stage name from “Fermecătorul” (English: charming) to the Arabic “Salam” (English: peace, cf. Hebrew shalom) at the end of 2002. His debut song was a huge hit, so he kept recording and marketing tracks with the support of Dan Bursuc.

In this manner, he launched his debut manele album, which was surprisingly well welcomed by lovers of the genre, selling over 40,000 copies. Similarly, Costi Ioniță recorded one of his most successful albums, “Doar cu tine” (English: Only with you). Costi Ioniță has his own recording studio in Constanța, where the album was recorded.

Because of his acquaintance with Dan Bursuc, he was able to meet artists in this genre, such as Vali Vijelie, Nicolae Guță, and Daniela Gyorfi.

He collaborated on a duet with pop singer Paula Seling and the Bucharest Symphonic Orchestra in 2008. The show’s host hailed their performance as a synthesis of manele and mainstream pop music; the song’s lyrics also addressed the issue of ethnic intolerance.

Salam teamed with Bosnian musician Goran Bregovi in October 2011, recording the songs “Hopa Cupa” and “Omule,” which were included in the album Champagne for Gypsies. “In response to the enormous pressure that Gypsies (Roma) have been undergoing recently across Europe,” the album says.

Salam is the vice-president of the Asociația Artiştilor, Muzicanți și Lăutarilor Romi din România (Association of Romani Artists, Musicians, and Lăutari from Romania). He was named the greatest manele performer of the year in December 2005. Politicians Mădălin Voicu and player Marius Niculae are among his supporters, according to the daily Libertatea.

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